A woman of dubious and questionable memory (shigella) wrote in radicals,
A woman of dubious and questionable memory

Evangelical Christians & Politics

I found this to be very thought-provoking stuff. Even if you disagree with Boyd, he brings up some excellent points that are certainly worthy of reflection in these politically-charged times.

In the booming world of Christian evangelical mega-churches these days, certain politics tend to be presumed: conservative, right-wing, Republican. And powerful Christian Right leaders have grown very close to the leadership of the GOP, which is -- at the moment -- the leadership of the country.

That, says Christian evangelical mega-church leader Gregory Boyd, is a mistake. Earthly power, he now preaches, is corrupting. The religious right, he says, risks idolatry in its worship of power, politics and patriotism.

Listen to the recorded radio broadcast here:
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