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Tony Campolo writes on Ted Haggard

I love Tony Campolo anyways, not the smallest reason being that he helped found the mission I participated in after college, Mission Year. But I think he's dead-on about alot of important faith issues that tend to get overlooked by various groups. Here , he's talking about the Ted Haggard scandal.

Blurb: I have heard so many of my colleagues in ministry express deep concerns over what this scandal will do to the image of the evangelical movement, but I have heard little concern among us for how all of this will impact those Christian gays and lesbians that we know. They are in our churches. They teach in our Sunday schools and sing in our choirs. Most of them are closeted brothers and sisters who suffer in ways that are impossible for the rest of us to even imagine. They are good people who do not take drugs or visit prostitutes. Will the ugliness of this sorry mess feed a diabolical stereotype of them, which is too often circulated in our churches by unkind preachers who have little, if any, understanding of homosexuals?

Go read it. It's good. And check out Sojourners if you haven't before. It's pretty good stuff.
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