Calliphoridae (pkbarbiedoll) wrote in radicals,

Crying as guilt

Is anyone reading this familiar with reparitive therapy? Do they believe that crying (by sinning perverts) is an expression of guilt over their sins? thanks.
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Personally I find reparative therapy to be a lie. A gay person did not choose to be the way they are, they were created the way they are through genetics, wiring, and enviromental bio/influence. A gay person cannot become straight anymore than a straight person can become gay. The lesson God is trying to teach is love and tolerance. Jesus didn't say "love thy neighbor as thyself as long as your neighbor fits into a nice neat mold of what we think is right and wrong." Jesus taught us that love means to judge not and to condemn not. We are all sinners and no one gets into heaven without the grace of God. We all have our sins, even those who condemn and judge others, their sin is just more obvious.